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Middle europe

According to good old Wikipedia the term Middle Europe is obsolete or rarely used – Central Europe is the usual term. However when visiting a friend in...
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Welcome to 4ever asia .com

Forever asia is a diary describing our move from Berlin-Germany to Malaysia. Right from the first decision when we made our mind up to leave (see Archive, 1st...
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Where To Next?

A personal expat blog that shares our experiences - both good and bad - while trying to live life as expats. I share light-hearted advise with my readers based...
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Nuage Nomade

Les aventures d'une nomade voyageuse expatriée en série, amoureuse de photographie et germanophile
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Des mots dans mes nuages

Impressions sur Dubai et Berlin, leur beauté, leurs spécificités, à travers une photo et un texte court.
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Der Blog von Kroatien-Liebe enthält persönliche Reiseberichte, Urlaubstipps, kroatische Sprachlektionen für Anfänger, Musiktipps, kroatische Rezepte und...
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Expat Mummy in Berlin

Blog to help English speaking parents in Berlin to find things and places that they need to have fun, save money, meet other people, enjoy food and a multitude...
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Online Hiatus

Slow travel and European travel destinations explored with the help of low-cost airlines, couchsurfing and desire to find out more about other cultures, people...
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Catchmercurial is the combination blog and writing/photography portfolio that captures the essence, as best as possible, of a curious expat Kiwi exploring the...
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Hoping to provide you with some cool insider tips about Berlin, Bucharest, Lisbon and other places in Europe. Exploring the world in a fun way!
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Karlisworld is gay travel blog of a german-dutch adventures gay couple discovering the Netherlands & the world.
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