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Smart Travels

A British expat living on Reunion Island (a French overseas department in the SW Indian Ocean) for many years; I also lived in South Korea 2008-2011 and...
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Ve La Do Io La Cina... E Anche L'Asia

Racconti, storie, video e suggerimenti sull'Asia, con un particolare occhio alla Cina. Da una giornalista che vive in questo meraviglioso continente da 12 anni.
[Hits: 598 - Added: 05-03-12]


Nella Terra Di Sandokan

Sito italiano sulla Malesia, per expat e viaggiatori, con articoli e notizie per la comunità italiana in Malesia, informazioni di viaggio, approfondimenti...
[Hits: 279 - Added: 15-02-10]


Desperate housewives in Singapore

"Singapore? Ma dov'e' in Cina? Cannot direbbe un singaporeano! Questo blog e’ per raccontare di un piccolo posto sperduto in fondo all’Asia che, con...
[Hits: 246 - Added: 25-09-12]



Don't let the Ruby slippers or Dorothy inspired name fool you, this is the humble little Blog of a "trailing spouse", experiencing life in Singapore...
[Hits: 225 - Added: 13-11-12]


An American Girl in China

Adventures in Shanghai
[Hits: 195 - Added: 27-09-09]



Eri-kaz - Vita di ieri (dall'italia) e di oggi (dal Kazakhstan)...
[Hits: 193 - Added: 08-08-12]

Category: Expat life Diary


Cuore, cervello e altre frattaglie

Notes by a paranoid engineer moved to Asia!
[Hits: 190 - Added: 11-08-09]


Being Dutch in Asia

A blog about my experiences of working as an expat in China and Hong Kong.
[Hits: 170 - Added: 03-08-11]

Category: Expat life


a little bird on the windowsill of bombay

my observations on the maximum city
[Hits: 154 - Added: 29-12-10]


Tranches de vie d'un expat de l'humanitaire

A l'intention des jeunes de 7 à 77 ans qui contempleraient l'idée de s'engager dans l'humanitaire international; ces petits témoignages, très anecdotiques...
[Hits: 149 - Added: 02-12-10]


Bangkok Girl

I am a British expat, exploring, eating and drinking my way around the Bangkok and other parts of Thailand and SE Asia when the chance arises.
[Hits: 138 - Added: 19-11-12]


Ting Ting's Nest

Ich heiße Ting Ting und lebe zur Zeit in China und möchte euch auf meinen Blog etwas über China, die Mode, das Essen, mein Alltag und vieles mehr erzählen....
[Hits: 132 - Added: 28-03-14]



Un blog qui traite de Shenzhen et de la culture chinoise...
[Hits: 129 - Added: 24-01-10]


Malaysian Meanders

The expat adventures of a Texas family living in Penang, Malaysia.
[Hits: 126 - Added: 20-05-12]


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