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me in Amsterdam

Blog d'un français expatrié à Amsterdam. Culture et découverte d'Amsterdam, de la Hollande et des Pays-Bas. Couvre les habitudes des habitants et les sujets...
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Invading Holland

The story of an accident prone Englishman living in Holland (with cartoons by the author)
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Hi. I'm Sandra and I'm Dutch. I've lived for the past three years in Mumbai. In January, I will start a new adventure in Sydney with my husband Marcel and our...
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Belgium Correspondent, James: The Belgian Saga

Highlights my thoughts and feelings about Belgium and my experiences here, arbitrary and otherwise. Also occasionally ventures into my european travel...
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Holland with Kids

How the heck did I end up here? Sharing adventures and misadventures of this crazy expat life. Offering advice and ideas for living abroad with children.
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Kopje koffie, buurvrouw?

After twelve fabulous but cold years in the Netherlands, Kimberle Swaak settled with her husband and two children in Atlanta, where she has vowed never to...
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Okidokyo | Live from Tokyo

2 People sharing their experiences of living the life in Tokyo as Japanese Language Students. After being tired of the normal routine back in Holland it was...
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nach Holland Blog

Das Blog mit Neuigkeiten, Kuriositäten und Banalitäten rund um das Thema Holland.
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Le blog de Clementine

Tourisme France et l'étranger
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Berlin Enjoy

With you can make the most of your trip to Berlin.
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Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland

They say that most people go on vacation and bring back souvenirs... Dutchmen go on vacation and bring back women. In 2008, I became a statistic. These are just...
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Het kan in Almere - Adventures in Integration

A start to finish description of the integration process that is necessary to follow to live in the Netherlands on a long term basis. I aim for it to be a...
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A Canadian girl living in the Netherlands with my Dutch hubby. Struggling and adjusting to Dutch life one day at a time. Blogging about life as an expat in the...
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Possibly Netherlandish

A day in the life of the shortest woman in Holland
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Like a sponge

Likeasponge is about learning Dutch and making a fool of yourself learning Dutch. It's also about the odd things different cultures do and how they are only odd...
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