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Hot But Happy

We are two young expats living and working in beautiful Phuket, Thailand. We came here with a need for change and adventure. We teach english to little ones...
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Blonde Across the Pond

A lifestyle blog focused on food, drinks, moving across the pond, living in London, and exploring all the city has to offer.
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Brave Or Just Crazy

As a mother of three, with a traveling husband, I will tell you, life in my house is never dull. Join me as I explore our new surroundings in Singapore, travel...
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Memory CDR and Katanga provincie

Welcome my blog, memory links ex -expats Katanga CDR and expats, links ONG, and much other about this provencie
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Una estudiante nómada

Aventuras y desventuras de una ex au pair y actual estudiante en distintos lugares del mundo: actualmente en Alemania, próximamente Bélgica. Vivencias en el...
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Jimaba : Living Down Under

A Southern American moves to New Zealand and writes about his experiences there.
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portogallo centrale blog

Two bloggers coming to terms to living in Portugal, sharing info with travellers and would-be expats. Posts range from history and architecture, to traditional...
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Ace the Adventure

Ace is an American living as an expat in the Netherlands. She started Ace the Adventure in 2012 as her family began the process of moving from Chicago to...
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With our blog InterWien, we share our tips and photos about living in Vienna. We create loads of practical info like lexicons with keywords in German, maps of...
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Two Americans in China

My blog is about...a little of everything. My own experiences, news, opinions, life in Shenzhen, whatever I want to talk about really.
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Wandering Circles

A couple of American expats in Amman, exploring the food, culture and outdoors in Amman
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About working remotely from anywhere and on the go, including in Egypt.
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mexperiencia cuenta con un lenguaje amigable, y basado en experiencias de españoles, cómo se hacen trámites paso a paso, dónde encontrar productos que para...
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Our blog is about our life as expats in Luanda, Angola! Also about our passion for traveling. There are so little information about Angola that we decided to...
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Experimental Expats

We're Rob and Diane, an American and a Canadian. After an unexpected layoff we decided on early retirement. It sounds like more fun than work. After we sell our...
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