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Expats guide to living in Bali

My blog is about living in Bali and what people can expect if they want to live on the island.
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Turkey with stuff in

It's a journal of travel stories, daily life, the in-laws, the food, the culture and an array of odds and sods. All accompanied by lots of photos.
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Cork Expats Families

We are a group of expats families from different nationalities based in Cork, Ireland who have put together a blog to help other families to settle up in that...
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An Expat Family In Chile

Random observations about life as an expat in Chile.
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Ce blog a pour objectif d'aider les francophones à trouver la destination parfaite pour leur future ou prochaine expatriation.
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Life in Düsseldorf

We are the city’s first English-language publication dedicated to helping expats in Düsseldorf settle in and live it up in their new home.
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A Letter From The Back Of Beyond

An Englishman's views of small village life in rural Bulgaria This blog is really aimed at three different sets of people. Firstly there are those who might be...
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Flip Flop France

Sasha, 23 years old, moved 12 hours by flight to Lyon. She will detail her life in France, the joys, the tears all while making to goal to see if she can find...
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Expatriate Life

News, tips, information and stories relating to expatriate life in general and my own experiences in Azerbaijan, Egypt, the UAE and Canada.
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J'ai créé mon Blog "Ngisafunda" (j'apprends encore en zoulou) il y a presque deux ans pour raconter mes étonnements sud-africains avec un regard de...
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Blues of a Waxwing

How the hell did I end up here?
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Going New Zealand

A blog all about travelling, working and moving to New Zealand. The blog helps prospective expats move to NZ!
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Imagine ~ Intend ~ Create

Edd and Cynthia Staton are expert exparts, best-selling authors, and creators of a Master Course called Retirement Reimagined! Our blog is intended to inspire,...
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I'm Moving To Barcelona

Are you moving to Spain? Looking for an apartment or job? Find things to know before moving to Barcelona. Ultimate Barcelona Tourist and Expats Guide.
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The Spain Scoop

Fun, local, expert travel advice on Spain.
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