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Life Abroad in the Blue and Yellow

My name is Kathleen, I am married to Johnny and we have 3 awesome kids; Jack (8), Olivia (6), and Emmaleigh (3). Follow along with us as we dive into... continua
Samoa Americane  Svezia
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I'm a Scottish mum of three, two boys and a girl; who by turns amaze, amuse and drive me nuts! We are currently living on the East Coast of the US,... continua
Regno Unito  Stati Uniti
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Mami Rocks

A Mommy Blog about things as vital as your precious kids! We write about everything we like to do, what fills our lives and sparks us to keep going.... continua
Stati Uniti  Austria
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World Traveling Military Family

Hi I'm Mrs. B! I blog at World Traveling Military Family. I'm a military spouse who follows her Active Duty Air Force husband all over the world, we... continua
Stati Uniti  Germania
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Expat Mummy in Berlin

Blog to help English speaking parents in Berlin to find things and places that they need to have fun, save money, meet other people, enjoy food and a... continua
Regno Unito  Germania
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Borderless Adventures

Borderless Adventures is a resource for expatriates who want to learn about how to enjoy life abroad. I also present research on bilingualism, on... continua
Australia  Svezia
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Erin at Large

I’m a freelance writer and editor, based in Heidelberg, Germany. We’re Canadian, but have spent 7 years living in London, England, and now we’re... continua
Canada  Germania
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Clearing Customs

This space is part blog, part annotated bibliography. It’s a collection of thoughts, information, links, and articles about how the parts and people... continua
Stati Uniti  Stati Uniti
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Expat Alien - Foreign in my own Country

Stories about my life as an expat, life stories, family history, food, travel continua
Stati Uniti  Stati Uniti
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La Famille Brown

Tales of an English family living in France continua
Regno Unito  Francia
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The Nomad Mom Diary

It is amazing how quickly I can write things when I don’t have to censor myself. continua
Stati Uniti  Paesi Bassi
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A Total TaiTai Tale

I post a picture EVERY SINGLE day (since 4th August 2013!!)… sometimes cheeky, sometimes interesting, sometimes boring about life in Singapore (and... continua
Francia  Singapore
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An American/English family's journey from life in the US to life in the UK. continua
Stati Uniti  Regno Unito
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A lovely adventure true the eyes of a mommy and daughter in two different countries. continua
Paesi Bassi  Spagna
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Ribbons Undone

American expat mom blog (who loves photography and traveling). continua
Stati Uniti  Germania
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