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The Tao of Me

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I write about daily life in Brazil and in Houston, our travels all over the world, adventures in expat life, memories, events and whatever else comes to mind. I never go anywhere without a camera so you'll see tons of photos of all of it.
Idioma del blog: English
Palabras claves: Travel, Love, Photography, Brazil, Expat
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Usa  expatriado vivir en Brasil

  • Sexo: Mujer
  • Itinerario: EE.UU.  Brasil
  • Interés: Travel, photography
  • Sobre mi: I am an American originally from California, married to a beautiful Scotsman and living in a small beach town in Brazil. We came here for my husband's job. I have two teenage children who live in Houston, TX with their dad. I travel back there to visit them for several months each year, and they visit us here. My husband came here first in November of 2007 when we were just beginning to date. I stayed behind in Houston with my kids and we managed to fall madly in love and survive 2.5 years of a long distance relationship. I moved to Brazil in August of 2010, and we eloped in the US Virgin Islands in December. Life is good, and complicated, and unpredictable. We travel a lot, we meet hordes of new people, and we love the adventure.

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Últimos artículos Últimos artículos

  •  This is Goodbye
    It’s over. The apartment is empty, the accounts are closed and we’ve said all of our goodbyes. I’m writing this from my house in Houston while Brian finishes off the last of his paperwork in Brazil. He’ll meet me here in four days. It’s over. I have such mixed emotions ...
  •  Here We Stand, and Here We Go
    Today is my last full day in Brazil. Today the last of all of our furniture will be loaded on to various vehicles and shipped off to other people’s homes. Tonight we’ll sleep at a friend’s house and stay up until the near-dawn hours talking and enjoying their company. Tomorrow I wi...
  •  Making Time to See It All
    Why is it that when we live in a place, we never take the time to see the cool things there? We never quite make it to the museums, or hike that trail, or ride our bikes around that neighborhood like we keep meaning to? Now that time is short here in Brazil, we’re scrambling. […]...
  •  The Goodbye Party ? Again and Again
    One week to go. The parties have started. Friday night’s party was not technically our goodbye party, but it was a chance for us to see some of our friends for the last time before we go. It was a blast! It was an expat party, and quite a few of the people there were […]...
  •  A Walk Around Town
    We’re trying to hang on to every last moment here. Taking in sights we’ll miss, trying restaurants we never quite made it to, seeing friends as much as possible before we go. We took a Saturday stroll around town just to look at everything. There is always the beach. The ever present sou...

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