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Find, buy and renovate a Riad in Marrakech - the builde

The Chic Marrakech blog offers an introduction to the property market in the Marrakech Medina and advice on both renovation and design of historic... read more
United Kingdom  Morocco
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CanuckiwiKate - Tales of a Canuck who found her heart i

The trials and tribulations, adventures and misfortunes of a 20something Canadian expat that fell in love with everything New Zealand since 2009! read more
Canada  New Zealand
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Breakfast in Moscow

Iím an American journalist married to a Russian economist living in Russiaís biggest, richest, most frustrating and fascinating city. This blog is... read more
United Kingdom  Russia
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A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

"Inside the looking glass, the reality may not be hell, but it sure isn't heaven either. Hockey wives are wives and mothers like anyone else. But... read more
Usa  Germany
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Passion Taking Flight

Watch me grow as an adult at the same time as overcoming daily challenges as an expat, with lots of travel, fun, photography and cats inbetween! read more
Germany  Turkey
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Masha Lloyd's blog

My blog is a weekly diary of my life in Spain mostly from a personal point of view. It is also written in the context of news from Spain and abroad... read more
United Kingdom  Spain
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Melanie a la maison (bilingual blog)

Hello and thanks for stopping by! Iím Melanie, a French-Canadian industrial designer, amateur photographer and now blogger! My husband, our 2 sons and... read more
Canada  Usa
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McClan Doha

Interesting snippets out of our lives, from our travels around the country and world, to our day to day lives. read more
South Africa  Qatar
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Expat Alien - Foreign in my own Country

Stories about my life as an expat, life stories, family history, food, travel read more
Usa  Usa
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Berlin Enjoy

With you can make the most of your trip to Berlin. read more
Netherlands  Germany
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