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Mette Bassett

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It's a blog about everyday life in London: second-hand shopping, quirky things, art exhibitions, cozy pubs, scary movies, beautiful cemeteries, rock concerts, spicy food and other things that I like...
Blog language: English
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Denmark  expat living in London

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Denmark  United Kingdom
  • Interest: all sorts of culture, big cities, contemporary art, good food, movies,
  • About me: Hi, I'm a Danish freelance journalist, married and living in London. On my blog I write about the things that I like: second-hand shopping, restaurants & good food, music, movies (especially the scary ones), books, art and travelling. And everything else that falls in-between...

Latest posts Latest posts

  •  Bubbles and bolognaise
    What I loved yesterday. Sitting on the sofa in the early morning, blowing chocolate scented bubbles towards the rising sun. Elliot: ‘Bye bye bubbles. They’re all leaving. It smells like chocolate in here! It smells like doggie in here!’ Elliot … Continue reading →...
  •  Post play date
    We went to a musical play date this morning. It’s half an hours brisk walk from where we live, but today the sun is out and there’s no breeze so we had to walk pretty slowly and I had to … Continue reading →...
  •  His favourite things
    Elliot’s favourite things at the moment are: watching cars and trucks drive past and dipping fries in mayo. ‘More’ he’ll shout at me whenever there is a let up in the traffic or the mayo moves too far away from … Continue reading →...
  •  Officially old
    So I guess I’m officially old. I have bought my first pair of ultra comfy extra-cushioned Clarks shoes and that’s proof enough. I remember reading about how people couldn’t fit into their old shoes after pregnancy. I naively thought that … Continue reading →...
  •  Bye-bye baby hair
    Elliot loves to say “bye-bye” and wave to everything at the moment. We say goodbye to the flowers when we drive past them in the buggy, to doggies behind fences, to playgrounds and people in lifts and of course to … Continue reading →...

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