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Canadian In Glasgow

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Like the zombie apocalypse....but different. The exploits of a Canadian girl thrust into Scottish culture with absolutely no preparation of any kind. It's gone well. Just don't ask anyone.
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Canada  expat living in Glasgow

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Canada  United Kingdom
  • Interest: Travel, Art, History, Anthropology, World Events
  • About me: I was born in a forest on an Island in Canada, raised by wolves (might be a slight exaggeration) until moving to England and attending an all girls diocesan school. In case you were wondering? That went well. But only the opposite. Life brought me back to Canada...where I was suitably married, procreated, worked in the legal field, and divorced. All on the 'other' side of the Rockies. The side where it snows pretty much all year long. And people cook and eat each other because long term snow exposure makes you do that. I found my monkey and moved to Scotland. Because he's Scottish. And it made more sense than moving to Zimbabwe given the circumstances. I'm currently living in love and in Glasgow trying to navigate my way through the language and culture. So far, I've learned how to blink in a very intricate pattern that makes people speak slower and more understandably. I'm close to copyrighting that. So don't steal it. I'm occasionally succeeding at fitting in, but mostly not.

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