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American in Bath

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I started the blog as a way to answer questions I've been asked by incoming Americans, outgoing Brits, and random people on the bus. The blog also keep my friends and family connected. It's made me a few new ones along the way.
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US American US American expat living in United Kingdom

  • Move: Usa  United Kingdom
  • Interest: points based systems, higher education, writing, fine arts, learning t
  • About me: I'm an American living in Bath, England. I've just completed a PhD and am now working on being an employed expat in the United Kingdom.

Latest posts Latest posts

    It's not that I don't have anything to say. It's that I'm too bloody exhausted to look at the computer screen and type. I did this to myself with specific intention.I've been intimately involved with reverse-culture shock off and on for two decades now. I know better than having hours to fill. I kno...
  •  First Comes the Thunder
    When it rains here, the air remains stolid--as unmovable as my mother's political leanings, as heavy as our dwindling numbers on my heart. The rain here is accompanied by the kind of thunder that I once thought was surely the anger of an Old Testament god and the drops the blood of his legions. The ...
  •  I Love You
    I say, "Go wee, please."He says, "Aunt Rachael says, 'Go wee, please.'"I say, "Go potty, please."He says, "My underwear are stuck. They're too sweaty."I say, "Of course they are."I say, "The end."I say, "Now is the time for sleeping."He says, "You can go away now."I say, "Sweet dreams."I say, "I nee...
  •  The Things I'm Leaving
    One pair Alaska gloves. Worn zero winters here. One-quarter kilo freed up for my favorite pillow.One brown leather briefcase, shed for the sake of the cuddly lobster.Flipflops. Stained white work shirt. One bottle Marmite. A hammer, screwdrivers, box cutter, and bungee cords. I'm told they sell th...
  •  Rattlers are not the Only Snakes: 3
    Next spring, when the country is subdued from all that bitter cold of winter, you'll hear MPs throwing blame from their green leather seats at those men and woman who sit across the aisle. And I'll be in Virgina or California or Illinois or New Zealand or China or some boat somewhere in the middle o...

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