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LA girl in a Thai world

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Stories, adventures and musings while teaching English in a small Northern town in Thailand. From the mundane daily life details to profound life lessons. Please read and enjoy!
Blog language: English
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US American US American expat living in Thailand

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 14-04-87
  • Move: Usa  Thailand
  • Interest: Traveling!
  • About me: Hello, I'm from Los Angeles and I'm currently living in Phayao in Northern Thailand and working as an ESL teacher. I love traveling and learning about new cultures and experiencing new things!

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  •  See Ya Later Alligator
    Saying goodbye is never easy. I?ve never liked it and often held on to things and all types of relationships past their expiration date in a lame attempt to stop change, to halt time from moving forward?as if that was ever possible. Even when I know that the timing is right to leave o...
  •  Moving blogs!
    Attention! I will be starting a new blog at because I will soon be back home in Los Angeles. My new blog will cover a range of topics from life lessons, travel, sex, anger, relationships, God, men and of course my spiritual growth and journey.Check it out at made...
  •  Embracing the Unknown
    You know how thoughts of home, particularly when on a long winded journey abroad, conjure up thoughts of security and comfort? Well frankly, they currently don?t do that for me. After months of deliberating, I decided to go home instead of stay in Thailandfor another semester or go teach in a...
  •  Some of my favorite shall we say ?different? experiences
    Given that this is my last month of teaching in Thailand (can?t believe how quickly it?s gone by), I?ve been thinking about all the interesting experiences I?ve had and particularly the funny and most memorable. Living in a different country provides many opportunities to have weird things happen...
  •  Thai sty(le)
    Something strange has begun to happen. It?s a very peculiar occurrence. The Thai way of doing things has actually started to become normal to me! That means that I can?t believe I used to drink beer without ice and that it does in fact make so much more sense to eat dominantly with a spoon and ...

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