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Raising TCKs is an online community for parents raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs). Raising kids isn’t always so easy. Raising kids in a culture other than our own is even more challenging. We all need encouragement and wisdom. My hope is that raising my TCKs becomes that place for parents. So, whether one is a parent to preschoolers, a teenager starting his senior year, or to kids already out of the house, raisingTCKs is a place to come to encourage and be encouraged.
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US American US American expat living in Taiwan

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Usa  Taiwan
  • Interest: writing, education, travel, tcks
  • About me: My name is MaDonna. I am from Midwest, USA. I began my expat life teaching at an international school in China, where I met my German husband, who is a TCK. We are currently living in Taiwan with our three children. I like to describe our family as fused together by differences in culture (German/US American), race(adopted), and by physical/mental abilities (special needs). I call our family the "Fusion Family".

Latest posts Latest posts

  •  Summer Camps for a TCK
    Summer camps…Oh, the memories. Swimming in the lake after tipping the canoe over… Raiding the boy’s cabin and having our cabin raided… Shooting the bow and arrow, sometimes hitting the mark… Pounding wet leather keychains with my initials… These memories … C...
    Wed, 09 Apr 2014 14:32:51
  •  What does a TCK do with St. Pat?s Day?
    Today was Saint Patrick’s Day. In Asia it is not really celebrated. So, for the past fifteen years or so, the day usually went by just like any normal day in March. Some days that was filled with reheated coffee … Continue reading →...
    Mon, 17 Mar 2014 14:20:48
  •  We?re moving back! How do we tell the kids?
    In this two part series, I?ve talked (emailed) two families about how they have prepared their children for the move back to the parent?s home country. Notice I didn?t just write home country, as we all know our TCKs don?t … Continue reading →...
    Mon, 10 Mar 2014 08:37:36
  •  Why do I blog?
    Why do I blog? Why does anyone blog, really? I’m sure for some it is a place they can put their thoughts down. I know for others it is a place to practice the art of putting words into a … Continue reading →...
    Fri, 24 Jan 2014 11:57:07
  •  Book Review: Harvesting Stones
    Harvesting Stones by Paula Lucas  Summary: This memoir is about a Catholic farm girl journeying through Europe and the Middle East with her international photographer husband. To the outsider, including her family, everything looked perfect – even fairy-tale like. In … Continue reading &...
    Fri, 10 Jan 2014 15:48:36

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