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This blog is about my daily discoveries mostly in the Spanish capital, the city I have been living in for now 15 months, but also about my travels around Europe. I want to share things related to the topics food, culture, fashion, travel and the Spanish life Madrid is full of. I started this blog, inspired by many other blogs I am reading regularly, to share my view of things with many others out there. My fist intention was to write about Madrid, a city I am discovering every day and where I find the most interesting things. Living in Madrid I realized very fast that it is very different compared to the other european cities I have been to and lived in. The way people here spend their days, dress up and go for dinner, party all night, shop at their many markets, care for their lives and the city they are living in is fascinating me. On the other hand I wanted to write about all the things I like in life. That includes travel, food and cooking, fashion, style, interior decoration. I feel a big love for vintage but wouldn’t live only by shopping in second-hand stores. A good combination of new and old is important.
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Germany  expat living in Madrid

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Poland  Spain
  • Interest: Travel, Fashion, Food, Cooking
  • About me: I am originally from Poland, grew up in Germany and studied in Switzerland. At the moment I live in Madrid, Spain and will be writing about the the Spanish capitol, the Spanish life and Travel around Spain and Europe.

Latest posts Latest posts

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