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Chickenruby raising teens abroad

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Life with 2 teens in South Africa
Blog language: English
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UK British UK British expat living in Johannesburg

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 26-06-71
  • Move: United Kingdom  South Africa
  • Interest: Life in South Africa
  • About me: I used to own a chicken called Ruby, hence my name. I'm married with 5 children. 3 are mine, 2 my husbands. We moved to SA 2011 for my hubbies job taking the 2 youngest boys with us now aged 13 & 17. My blog is about raising teens in a foreign country and the daily struggles we face adjusting to our new lives. I'm an ex teacher with a background in special needs and autism and was a child welfare officer with The FA. I'm now an enforced SAHM trying to reinvent myself.

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