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What will I ever do with my life?

Directory > Africa > South AfricaJohannesburg
A European globetrotter currently residing in Joburg, South Africa. Taking in the sights, the smells and the people. A lot of stuff about wine (read: drinking many liters of it) and books, especially if they are really horrible.
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Finland  expat living in Johannesburg

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 20-12-78
  • Move: Finland  South Africa
  • Interest: travel, books, good coffee, wine
  • About me: A child of a global world. Originally from a tiny European country, currently enjoying the weather in Joburg, South Africa.

Latest posts Latest posts

  •  Bet you thought I'd died, but actually I just procreated and then fell into a well
    Not really. I just stopped being so damned interesting to write about.Right.I now live in Seattle with my family. I'm an immigrant, a legal alien, a mother, and still married to Viking although he's constantly refused to do anything about that weird toe.I think I might love him regardless. Funky toe...
  •  A scientific study of a brain possibly deprived of oxygen (y'all)
    Lately, since I haven't really been getting out of the apartment, on account of the Babe needing to have the oxygen tank by her at all times in case she falls asleep (And as much as I like a good, colorful accessory, I'd prefer a head band with a glittery bow [No. Seriously] or that other Rebecca Mi...
  •  Facebook fails (not mine, Mark Zuckerberg's)
    I know what you're thinking, but no, no Facebooking while severely intoxicated again (I've mah-tured, I have, and I also seriously miss South African wines and their prices and have a hard time adjusting to the fact that of all places CostCo should be the best place for quality alcohol. I mean, it's...
  •  On prenatal testing and abortion
    I couldn't keep motherhood completely out:There is a lot of stuff floating around these days regarding prenatal testing and, as always happens, almost in the same sentence, about abortion. Especially abortion and Down Syndrome.Just read all of these Time Health articles: this one, this one and this ...
  •  A dose of badly executed and drivel-y CPR
    At your own peril:It'll be a long and wine-y road back to blogging. You'll see.Now that I have delegated the pungent mommyness - shit, spit and all that gore - from this blog to my other place of neglect and randomness (not a euphemism for what you're thinking, I swear), my new (and as of yet very b...

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