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I love Tel Aviv

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Snippets of the many reasons I think that Tel Aviv is such a great place to live in. Sometimes Tel Aviv is easy to love (beach, great weather all year long, street cafes all around - what's not to like?), sometimes it's more challenging, but at the end - my hometown of 5+ years is really great, and it deserves much better tribute than my humble blog :)
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Israel  expat living in Tel Aviv

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Russia  Israel
  • Interest: photography, literature, foreign languages
  • About me: Tel Aviv is my home for 5+ years now, but having come from Russia back in 1993, and spent some time in Jerusalem after that, I still have a "curiosity of a foreigner" that makes me kind of expat in my home town.

Latest posts Latest posts

  •  ... all day long (Tel Aviv timelapse video by Noam Armonn)
    Tel Aviv from Noam Armonn on Vimeo.In Noam's words:Tel Aviv is my home town. It is where I was born 47 years ago. I love this city even though I have decided to leave it 14 years ago and raise my family some 150 km norther, in a small place surrounded by nature called Michmanim. I'm happy to ...
  •  ... while people watching and window shopping on Ibn Gabirol st.
    Cycling on David Hamelech (King David) blvd. Today, on my way back from some early morning chores, even though I was in a bit of a rush, I couldn't resist and took some time to walk under Ibn Gabirol's st. arcades. I've already sung praises to the wonders of these arcades - cool and shady in ...
  •  ... from Lower Galilee
    Sunset over Mount Tabor We've spent the Jewish New Year weekend in Kfar Kisch, a small village in Lower Galilee. "What are you doing while you're there? - asked my mom. - Probably taking some walks in the countryside, enjoying the views." Truth is, we hadn't. One of the reasons was that we're...
  •  ... on Sunday mornings
    Ben Gurion blvd. kiosk, Sunday morning Since Israeli weekend is Friday-Saturday, Sunday is the beginning of our work week. So today - Sun, Sept 1st - it's a beginning of the new week, new month, and a new season... I love days and dates that work out like this... Tel Aviv is a city of marvelo...
  •  ... because of the Dogs beach
    Busy Saturday morning on Dogs beach Of all the spectacular Tel Aviv beaches, Dogs beach is probably my favorite. (And I don't even have a dog!) I think it's so special to me because of this extraordinary brotherhood and togetherness between all: couples and families, young and old, dogs and p...

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