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Expat Mom

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I am a 1 and-a-quarter Mom from the US living in Germany. I say "quarter" Mom because I am not only the mom to a 15-month-old son, but also a Stepmother to an 8 year-old daughter. My husband is German, which makes us in a cross-cultural relationship, and my stepdaughter is also German. I moved here with ZERO German language skills… and did I mention that my stepdaughter only started learning English when I first moved here? I moved to Germany 2 years ago, and the plan is to stay and raise the children here. So no turning back for this Expat.
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Profile Profile

US American US American expat living in Germany

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 29-03-79
  • Move: Usa  Germany
  • Interest: Writing,Reading,Photography,Ki-ds,Sports
  • About me: I am a 32 year old girl from the pacific northwest, now living with my German husband and our 15.month-old-son in the Western part of Germany. Sharing my experiences of living abroad.

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