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Vino Vagabonds

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Our goal is to travel as long as our glasses are half full and to make a living writing about, photographing and working directly in the wine industry. We want to learn how locals drink their wine, prepare their favorite meals and what role it all plays in their daily lives. This blog is to document everything as we see, smell and taste it. We hope to encourage others to join us on this journey and discover each place through the wines, recipes and experiences in these pages.
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Key words: wine, travel, food, photos, education
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Vino Vagabonds

US American US American expat living in France

  • Move: Usa  France
  • Interest: Traveling the world through each country's wine regions
  • About me: We are Jeff Didra and Brittany Asseff; two wine and travel-seeking twenty-somethings who have made it our mission to swirl, sniff, sip and devour our way through as many wine regions in the world as we can. In 2009 we left the desert sunsets of Tucson, Arizona for the bountiful vines of Napa Valley. We were fortunate to land amazing jobs working with wine in Napa, but after two years we discovered that the same yearning for knowledge and adventure that drew us to California, was pulling us yet again into the wider world of wine and travel. With that, we decided to combine our love for wine and food with our desire for open-ended travel and embark on a self-proclaimed, world-wide ”Masters program in wine, food and cultures in the grape-growing world.” Why not right?!

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  •  Save Water, Drink Wine!
    As many of you know, the state of California is experiencing a severe drought, and by severe, I mean the worst on record in 100 years. The Governor has declared a state of emergency and kindly requested that we Californians voluntarily cut our water use by 20%. We all know water is precious, but in ...
    Tue, 28 Jan 2014 16:25:31
  •  Oakland?s Urban Wine Scene: Part 2
      Stock up on some champagne now. Welcome back to Part 2 of our journey through Oakland’s burgeoning urban wine scene! In case you missed the first part, check it out here. Otherwise, read on as we follow our SoCal correspondent, Adrienne Davis, through the warehouses, freight trains and ...
    Tue, 10 Dec 2013 18:26:17
  •  Oakland?s Urban Wine Scene: Part 1
      Fine French wine for every occasion.   This month we are privileged to introduce guest correspondent and fellow Vino Vagabond, Adrienne Davis. Adrienne hails from sunny SoCal and recently came up North to visit us in Napa, and afterwards, explore the wine scene of…wait for it…...
    Mon, 02 Dec 2013 01:05:55
  •  Visit to Opus One: Opulence in Oakville
    Check out these fine kosher wines.   Now that we have been back in Napa for some time, we made a list of must-see wineries and Opus One was the first on our list to visit.  Anyone who has visited the Valley and driven North on Hwy 29 through Oakville has seen gobs of visitors taking pictures of...
    Fri, 01 Nov 2013 14:45:15
  •  What We?re Drinking Now: 2009 Philippe LeClerc ?En Champs? Pinot Noir
    ?That?s all we produce?, our host scoffed as I jokingly asked ?May we taste your Pinot Noir??. Despite his lack of humor, we tasted through their offerings of very good Pinot Noir. Sitting amongst dragon wall sconces and Medieval stone work, this was a tasting unlike any other we had ever had. Nonet...
    Thu, 24 Oct 2013 23:36:44

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