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Transition Kitchen

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Older than average, stay at home mom with 2 young daughters who are growing up as real global citizens.
Blog language: English
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US American US American expat living in France

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Usa  France
  • Interest: Parenting, health, politics, activism,
  • About me: I am an opinionated blogger, always ready for the next personal evolution in life. Moved from North Carolina to France 4 years ago. I have 2 very young daughters.

Latest posts Latest posts

  •  Dec.(no) Jan. (no) Feb (no). and yes, finally March brings a new blog entry!
    Handmade gown from Morocco. I CANNOT believe I have not done one single entry since (gasp!) last November!!!!You know how they say time speeds up as you get older? Well, I must be pretty damn ancient since that much time has passed without feeling either the urge to blog or the guilt to ...
  •  And it's ... Friday
    Well, hello again. Yeah, it might seem like I didn't blog last night .. but in fact I did. Thing is, Leonora woke up as she likes to do. So, I went in to breast feed her and meanwhile I fell asleep.Then today, Sabine's big day back to school. I asked her what she did today. She told me that she did...
  •  Who better to make a big decision than a 3.5 year old?
    Oh hey, yeah in case you were wondering about the long gap between the photo book deadline and my next entry...Well, that's because they extended the date! Ha. So that meant that on the last few days before it was due, I was once again pulling all nighters (give me a deadline and watch me get busy!...
  •  Glitter, chicken pox and SCMtFU
    I am back and revitalizing my 21 day blogging challenge. Would have done it sooner but we had some chicken pox in the house and we went out of town and Leo was sick and and and and well whatev. Chicken pox are still here a bit yet, but well that's life and we have been keeping ourselves amused. ...
  •  a picture perfect pause
    To err... human. Yeah, that is me, to be sure. So - gonna have to pause this 21 day experiment. I just found our that the photo books I ordered online actually have an expiration date.It is in less than 2 weeks. I have to go through thousands of photos and pull out the ones I want to use to make so...

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