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Life After TEFL Worldwide Prague

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These 4 individuals all started their teaching and traveling abroad journey in the same place: at TEFL Worldwide Prague. Here, they underwent an intense, 4-week TEFL certification course, improved their teaching skills, made lifelong friends, and now are teaching, traveling, and immersing themselves in new cultures worldwide! These pages offer unique perspectives and insight into the world of living abroad (and of course, traveling during off time) post TEFL Worldwide Prague. Click on the names of the TEFL Worldwide Prague graduates and read about their stories and experiences living the TEFL life!
Blog language: English
Key words: TEFL, Prague, Abroad, Travel
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US American US American expat living in Prague

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 16-09-86
  • Move: Usa  Czech Republic
  • Interest: Traveling, writing, racing, drumming
  • About me: I'm Justin and I'm a TEFL Certified English Teacher, avid traveler living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. I graduated from the TEFL Worldwide Prague Program in September of 2011 and I have gotten together with 3 of my fellow graduates teaching all over the world and we're sharing our stories and travels and observations with the expat community using this blog. When I'm not working, I usually enjoy taking part in the Prague running circuit, catching up on my favorite TV shows, and of course, exploring all the hidden treasures of the Golden City!

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Latest posts Latest posts

  •  The Harsh Realities of Living Out Your Dreams
    By: Jessica GravesSo, while I will try my absolute hardest to stay positive throughout this blog, I also want to be realistic. I am a practical person, not to mention ridiculously cautious. Before my journey to Prague, & TEFL Worldwide, I had to make a list of both the pros & cons. While it?...
    Sun, 26 Jan 2014 17:10:00
  •  The Euro Diet
    By: Jessica Graves One of my biggest concerns before I came to Prague was my health. In case you?re unaware, traditional Czech food is not exactly the most figure friendly. You have meat, gravy, potato dumplings, stews, soups, bread & then you?re introduced to battered pork steak & FRIED...
    Mon, 20 Jan 2014 08:48:00
  •  Why You Should Travel
    By: Jessica GravesUm, why not?My journey to TEFL Worldwide Prague & the Czech Republic in general all started when I was sitting in a Barnes & Noble nostalgically browsing through Paris travel books. Paris will always be my first love no matter where I travel/live. I first ventured to the Ci...
    Tue, 10 Dec 2013 14:33:00
  •  English Cinemas and Christmas Markets
    Ever the original, my post title pretty much sums up my last weekend: a mission over to the closest English cinema - in Berlin - to see Twilight (yes, really), and Christmas Markets!Of course, you can't go to Germany without seeing the Christmas markets. Glühwein, gingerbread, chocolate apples/grape...
    Thu, 29 Nov 2012 10:02:00
  •  Halfway
    So I've officially lived in South Korea for half a year now! Not so surprisingly, I've spent the last week wondering where the time has gone and pondering what the second half of my teaching experience here will bring.... It seems fall has come and gone in a flash but I was able to get out and do so...
    Mon, 26 Nov 2012 14:58:00

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