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Blog Cultural/Historical


Adventures in Integration

I created this blog to document my personal experience with the compulsory integration courses for people in my position. Now the compulsory part is o... read more
Australia  Netherlands   [Hits: 35 - Added: 23-11-12]
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Adventures in Painting

Adventures of a classically trained oil painter painting the streets of Rome, Italy. I travel the streets of Rome by bike with my easel and paint dail... read more
Usa  Italy   [Hits: 11 - Added: 08-04-13]
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Adventures of an American ESL Instructor Teaching at an

Personal experiences in Oman since 2008... read more
Usa  Oman   [Hits: 4 - Added: 29-04-14]
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An educational blog promoting French and American friendship and understanding through first hand experience.... read more
Usa  France   [Hits: 35 - Added: 30-04-09]
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Alaivani - Cross-Cultural Communication

A place to learn about cross-cultural lifestyles, etiquette, and communication strategies to live a better life anywhere you live in the world!... read more
Usa  India   [Hits: 21 - Added: 18-11-10]
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Albania or Bust

Ramblings about parenthood, Navy life, and wild ride we are on.... read more
Usa  Albania   [Hits: 5 - Added: 21-11-13]
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all esle by dimi_z

I post things that surprise me, make me thing or at the very least make me smile. The information is not structured and has no topics but I try to foc... read more
Bulgaria  Belgium   [Hits: 26 - Added: 29-03-12]
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Amazing Australian Adventures

Places to GO, Sights to SEE, Things to DO downunder. Take advantage of my travels in Australia to make your own visit memorable and unique.... read more
Australia  Australia   [Hits: 7 - Added: 11-06-13]
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American in Bath

I started the blog as a way to answer questions I've been asked by incoming Americans, outgoing Brits, and random people on the bus. The blog also kee... read more
Usa  United Kingdom   [Hits: 87 - Added: 06-08-10]
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American Mom in Bordeaux - Blending Cultures

Just moved to Bordeaux, France from New York State with my French husband and 3 beautiful daughters. We are all adjusting to the French culture..havin... read more
Usa  France   [Hits: 19 - Added: 28-02-13]
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