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Harry Rud

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tales from an aid worker in Afghanistan
Blog language: English
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Ireland  expat living in Afghanistan

  • Gender: Male
  • Move: Afghanistan  Afghanistan
  • Interest: this and that
  • About me: an aid worker in Afghanistan

Latest posts Latest posts

  •  Drowning
    Harry Rud is no longer an aid worker in Afghanistan. He’s a bean-counting text bitch in an international NGO’s headquarters in London. It’s a long way from the hari rud. It might be the death of him. Life’s sweet. Going to see plays and exhibitions, bookshops I want to eat, r...
  •  The joys of interviews
    One organisation went to the trouble of paying for my travel to an interview. Where they made the mistake of asking me something about participation. This happened to be around the time of my post-grad exams, so I’d been busy brushing up on my theory, critiquing all of the development industry...
  •  Winter in the Jardin Villemin
    One of the joys of my last job in Afghanistan was getting to know my team. Of them all there was one young man in particular, let us call him Q, who was a pleasure to work with. (Before continuing, let me note that the use of the past tense does not suggest his demise.) […]...
  •  ReliefWeb addict
    My name is hari rud, and I am a ReliefWeb addict. For those not in the know, ReliefWeb ?is the global hub for time-critical humanitarian information on Complex Emergencies and Natural Disasters,? a website bought to you by the good people of the UN?s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affai...
  •  Afghan election roundup
    For those of you who, like me, are wondering what the hell just happened with the elections in Afghanistan, here is a simple recap of recent events: Elections happened (Yay for democracy!) Karzai won (well done old chap) They were fraudulent (Doh!) General dithering over what to do next (um, well, e...

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